Frequently Asked Questions

๏ปฟWhat We Are Usually Asked About

When will the winner be drawn?

A winner will be drawn within 7 days of the maximum number of tickets selling or the closing date, providing the minimum number of tickets have sold.

How is the winner chosen

The winner is selected completely at random, this is done by a live random number generator online. Nothing can have any influence on outcome of a live draw.

What is my competition number?

All numbers will be randomly allocated to each customer. However, some draws you will be able to select your number via the live number grid provided on the website.

Is my โ€˜order numberโ€™ my draw number?

No, it is not. Your competition number is the number that you either select on the website prior to the draw or the ticket number which is allocated to you after you checkout your cart.

What if the competitions arenโ€™t full when the timer runs out?

If the competition is not full, the timer will add some time in order for all the tickets to sell on the competition. This will happen a maximum of 5 times then if the competition is still not sold out a cash alternative will be awarded instead and only the people that have entered will go into the live draw.

If I win how long will it take for my prize to be delivered?

When the competition winner has been confirmed we will contact the winner within 72hrs of the competition ending to arrange for the collection of the prize.